The Newest Aggression

I’ve been terrible ill for a couple days now so I haven’t been at my computer at all but I’ve been glued to the TV watching the newest Israeli aggression and I’ve grown further disgusted with American media. So in this pro-Israel media blitz going on in the US, what facts are missing? What is the pro-Israeli US media keeping from its American viewers? Well, for one, they (like Ehud Barak on CNN yesterday) keep talking about how Israel left the Gaza Strip in 2005 but all it got in return was a continuous barrage of missiles. That’s not entirely accurate. You must not separate the Gaza Strip from the West Bank. It may be two lands but it is one nation, one people. So while the Gaza Strip was evacuated in 2005, the 400,000 illegal Israeli settlers have remained in the West Bank and the government has continued to build more settlements. Furthermore, there was a ceasefire for 6 months between Hamas and Israel and the number of rockets fired were drastically reduced (although Islamic Jihad periodically fired a few) but the Gaza Strip was under a severe economic embargo during the ceasefire. Meaning, not only were Palestinians periodically killed in the Gaza Strip during the ceasefire but the economic embargo has reduced the majority of the people to poverty. I think that all this should be considered within the time frame of US politics. Although Obama has virtually declared himself a Zionist, analysts are still perplexed about the extent of his support for Israel (according to America’s ambassador to the UN Michael Bolton [the neo-con]). In other words, while Bush, the lame-duck president is still in office, Israel felt more secure about American support and launched this most recent aggression against the Palestinian people. In the context of Iran, maybe this is the last phase of a showdown between Iran, and the US and Israel. Meaning, perhaps this is part of the long term strategy that has been unfolding in the past few years of rolling back Iranian influence in time for a showdown over its nuclear facilities. Iran’s military budget is little more than 1% of the US military budget but its strength comes from its regional influence and its ability to wreak havoc on US interests through regional proxies. Although the extent of Iranian support for Hamas is still unknown, such a scenario is not completely unlikely. Israel’s disproportionate response on Hizbullah in 2006 can also be viewed within this paradigm. Does anyone have any telling youtube clips for me to post?

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