I hope you all had a wonderful and joyous holiday season. I got back to Ann Arbor last night and am ready to get back to it. I’m teaching as a graduate student instructor for the last time this semester before I move home in the Spring to begin researching for my dissertation. I’ll also continue preparing for my preliminary exams this semester. The exam date is set for April 19th. I’ve been studying for them since the beginning of last summer and I was able to get the bulk of it all done this past semester, though I have much left to do this winter and spring. I finished my PhD coursework last year so this academic year has been much about studying for the exams and teaching, both of which have been very enriching experiences. My three fields for the examinations are: 1. The Modern Middle East (primary); 2. US in the World; 3. The Social and Political History of Collective Action. I designed all three fields to complement one another. Anyway, best of luck to you this semester and this year.

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