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Pouya Alimagham is a historian of the modern Middle East at MIT’s Department of History. He specializes on Iran, Iraq, and the Levant in the 20th century, focusing on such themes as revolutionary and guerrilla movements, imperialism, Political Islam, and post-Islamism. His first published article, “The Iranian Legacy in the 2011 Egyptian Revolution: Military Endurance and US Foreign Policy Priorities,”written two years before the 2013 coup in Egypt, outlined how the Iranian Revolution served as a precedent for both Egypt’s military brass and the US foreign policy establishment, and how it informed the decision to avoid a military crackdown in order to safeguard cohesion and prevent a political vacuum. By doing so, the military was poised to retain ultimate power in post-Mubarak Egypt, which was manifest in the military overthrow of Egypt’s first democratically-elected president. His dissertation, for which Professor Juan Cole served as the adviser, is titled: “Contesting the Iranian Revolution: The Green Uprising,” was the 2016 winner of the Association for Iranian Studies’ Mehrdad Mashayekhi Dissertation Award, which is presented biannually. In the study, he argued that the Green Uprising in 2009 was a culmination of a decades-long history that constituted a post-Islamist paradigm shift in Iran. He harnessed wider regional history as well as Iran’s own revolutionary past in order to underscore his thesis. He is currently updating the manuscript to be published with Cambridge University Press in 2018, and teaches, “The Middle East in the 20th Century”–a survey course–“Islam, the Middle and the West,” which covers the early Islamic period until the present day, unpacking core thematic issues, such as colonialism and nationalism, political Islam, the false dichotomy of “Islam and the West,” and the so-called “Clash of Civilizations,” and he co-taught in the fall of 2017, “How to Stage a Revolution”–his unit of which covered the historical and theoretical underpinnings of the Iranian Revolution and the Green Uprising. In the fall of 2018, he will teach for the first time, “Modern Iran: A Century of Revolution.” He is a native Persian speaker with four years of formal Arabic training at Harvard University, the University of Michigan, and the American University of Beirut, and extensive travel experience in Iran, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

Ph.D. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
M.A. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
M.A. Harvard University
B.A. University of California, Berkeley

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  1. Shabnam Nasserifar says:


    I just discovered your page and went through some of the things you have posted. I must say they are very interesting and well written. Also, your background information is fascinating. I’m just proud of Iranians like you.

    best wishes,
    Shabnam Nasserifar

  2. Abdul Vakil says:

    As-salaamu ‘alaikum, Ipouya!
    Very glad to have stumbled on your site. The alternative or otherwise, broader, shamefully overlooked yet incredibly more deserving of consideration viewpoint is much needed in today’s mainstream society and always appreciated. Keep up the great work.

    In’sha’Allah, I’m going to link you at my blogspot.


  3. Rawan Gebran says:

    Your writing is just great! I read most of your latest posts and I was absolutely captivated by each and every one of them. I don’t particularly like politics, but your writing style is so interesting that I couldn’t stop reading. I love the humor you incorporate into your posts.
    Hope you got the interviews you wanted in Lebanon.
    Come back soon!
    Best wishes,

  4. bro! says:

    I admire you having so much to say to all the haters and ignorants out there… Absolutely love your writing. I believe you will do something really great one day!!
    Keep up the good work.

  5. afeef ibrahim says:

    about the backgammon part … i am a witness or in another way a victim .. gd luck bro ,.. i am keepin up with irans news from you .. keep it up to date as soon as possible .. its afeef for AUB .. i won you in backgammon .. once i guess

  6. Siavash Faroughi says:

    Pouya, I am very proud of you. Your writing style, your rationales, your productivity and educational and social credentials are outstanding. I know your Dad. I told him not to worry about the future of Iran. It is in the good hands of smart youth of Iran, Men like you. I rest my point. Keep up the good work. Make sure to get your PhD soon. You are going places.

  7. sahar says:

    I am proud of Iranians like you

  8. Kasthuri Patto says:

    Dear Ipouya,

    I am a Malaysian citizan and I love everything Iran. From the empire, to its monarchy, to its rulers, to its culture, to its arts and the very nature of its identity. It would be lovely to communicate and converse with someone like you. It would be a great chance to exchange knowledge and information. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Mem Noon,
    Kasthuri =)

  9. Safdar Abbas says:

    Dear IPouya,

    I am visiting your blog from last one year , you have great skills in writing , I hope you become more successful then ever before , my best wishes with you 🙂


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