Alec Baldwin and Elephants

I’m generally not a big fan of self-righteous celebrities championing a cause they know little about or appropriate because they are “safe” – safe in that there is little in the way of controversy in the US and its a PR victory if they support it (although that may or may not be the reason why they support it). Truth be told, they are doing way more good than harm but I just wish they’d show more courage and also champion those causes that may not result in an increase in fame for them but warrant the attention and support nonetheless. For example, coming out in support of Darfur will not hurt your show biz career and may indeed boost your social standing but being against some US foreign policies may anger some of your more conservative fans and that’s not good for your career. George Clooney is an example of the former. Lupe Fiasco is an example of the latter. This video, however, is one that goes against what I just wrote but I can still get behind it. It’s safe in terms of protecting your career, but like I said above, it does “way more good than harm”. It’s Alec Baldwin bringing attention to how circuses torment and enslave elephants for profit. See it here.

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