The Politics of the Aurora Theatre Shooting

It almost seems cliche to say so, but I find it necessary to say it anyway: Had the psychotic and imbecile shooter of the threatre been a Muslim, or was remotely connected to Islam or the region, i.e. his grandmother hypothetically being of Lebanese decent, then the media, especially right-wing outlets like Fox News, would be up-in-arms calling this terrorism.  Furthermore, Israel, sensing a PR opportunity, would be quick to blame Iran and then would spin the whole affair to its advantage. For example, Israeli commentators would express solidarity with Americans and claim that they know what it’s like to experience such horror because they’ve been living through it at the hands of the Palestinians for years. This is exactly the kind of opportunistic nonsense that was spewed by such Israeli “analysts” in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.

For the record, Iran had nothing to do with this shooting, and probably had nothing to do with the Israeli bus attack in Bulgaria the other day. Iran even condemned it. Israel, on the other hand, probably did kill Iranian scientists and has yet to condemn any one such assassination.

Israel has many enemies, not because it’s a self-proclaimed Jewish state, but because of what it is doing to the near defenseless Palestinian natives of that land. Thus, when attacks against Israeli targets happen in India or Bulgaria, Israel is quick to blame Iran not because Iran is the culprit, but because Israel wants to score political points in its quest to demonize Iran and justify sanctions and, more importantly, US, Israeli, or joint attacks on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

From here onwards, any attacks on Israeli targets worldwide, Israel will be quick to Iran  for it, even if it had nothing to do with it.

As for me, I’m not letting some nutjob scare me into not seeing “The Dark Knight Rises” this weekend. I got my tickets for this Sunday for the IMAX format. I’m seeing it no matter the threat of violence!

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