Bahraini Activists Dying in Custody

This regime will one day answer for all of this.  Al-Jazeera: A Bahraini businessman who was a member of the country’s leading Shia Muslim opposition group, Wefaq, has died in police custody, sources say.

There was no immediate reaction by state media to Kareem Fakhrawi’s reported death and officials in the Arab Gulf kingdom were not available to comment.

Fakhrawi’s was the fourth known death in police custody in recent days. Bahrain’s government denies there is torture in Bahrain and says all such allegations will be investigated.

Mattar Mattar, a member of Wefaq, said Fakhrawi had died in police custody a week after he never returned home from a police station where he had tried to complain about his house being demolished by police.

“Either he was sick and didn’t receive treatment or was tortured,” Mattar said.

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