Being in OC for the Winter Break

is always an interesting experience. I’ve been here for about 2 weeks and am in my last week before I have to go back to school. First off, I can’t believe I ever considered winter here as cold. Boston is cold. OC’s winter is weak sauce.

Besides the weather, I always notice things that many people who live here probably don’t notice since it’s the norm to them. I have to give a disclaimer here as not all OC Iranians fit this stereotype and I am grossly generalizing when I say there is a lack of individuality here and a lot of conformity. I mean, when a trend hits here it hits hard! For instance, one time I came back and many kids were then riding pretty much the same BMW as their friends. Another time, they all bought motorcycles on the side. And then they all got tattoos, or bought a dog and took it with them to 13 bedar (and all the girls brought their new cats). Then, of course, all the boys began to spike up their hair. Then came the drugs; first many of the boys were doing steroids then they moved up together to cocaine. And the funniest trend for all gherti Iranian boys in OC was the little mustache thingy below their bottom lip (and above the chin). Don’t get me wrong, OC is home for me and I love it here, but I just can’t help but notice the conformity and I must say, it’s a little overwhelming and conflicting, especially since I know that many of these Iranians are about so much more than they present.

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