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“Why the Dollar is Green”

[This is a project spearheaded by some friends of mine that I think is worth your time. Read about it below and cast your vote please] **Forwarded Message About:  The film  “Why the Dollar’s Green” will provide researched analysis explaining … Continue reading

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Change for Balance Productions

My friend Roddy is involved with this amazing endeavor and I thought it was worth while to inform you about it. Here’s the link to the site. Here’s some info from their “About” section: Our Mission: Providing high quality media … Continue reading

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Documentary: “For Neda”

This highly emotional HBO documentary on the death of Neda Agha Soltan is a must see.

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Film: “South of the Border”

See the trailer for Oliver Stone’s latest documentary film here. See him talk about his film with Bill Maher here.

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The 30th Anniversary of the Iranian Revolution (VIDEO)

Regardless of what we may think about the revolution and its aftermath, there is no disputing the impact it has had not only on the history of the region but on world history. And as someone who aspires to be … Continue reading

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Documentary: “House of Saud”

And this too is for the blog’s archives.

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Documentary: “Pilgrimage to Karbala”

This is for the blog’s archives.

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Iranian Rap

So I just watched this documentary on Iranian Rap featuring one of the most prominent Iranian rappers of today, Yas. See it here. There are some things about the video and the interview that I liked and disliked at the … Continue reading

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The Panthers

Sometimes I post stuff here not because I think people care to read or view it, but because I think it’s important and I want to archive it in my blog for future reference. Here is a documentary on the … Continue reading

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“No End in Sight”

Two nights ago I watched “No End in Sight,” a documentary film on the Iraq War in which I had posted its trailer here long ago. It was an outstanding film and a burning critique of the war in Iraq. … Continue reading

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PBS Frontline’s New Iran Documentary

looks very intriguing and comprehensive and can be seen here. I haven’t seen the whole thing yet but I will as soon as I have a chance.

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