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“Why the Dollar is Green”

[This is a project spearheaded by some friends of mine that I think is worth your time. Read about it below and cast your vote please] **Forwarded Message About:  The film  “Why the Dollar’s Green” will provide researched analysis explaining … Continue reading

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Tribes of Amazon Find an Ally Out of ‘Avatar’

NY Times: In the 15 years since he wrote the script for “Avatar,” his epic tale of greed versus nature, Mr. Cameron said, he had become an avid environmentalist. But he said that until his trip to the Brazilian Amazon … Continue reading

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The Story of Stuff

Nothing in this video is news for you, I’m sure, but the fact that it puts it all in perspective is amazing. “The Story of Stuff” addresses issues of consumerism, environmental degradation, exploitation, and much much more. Please take the … Continue reading

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Aquafina Bottles Tap Water…

Democracy Now: (thanx Saba) The soft drink giant Pepsi has been forced to make an embarrassing admission – its best-selling Aquafina bottled water is nothing more than tap water. Last week Pepsi agreed to change the labels of Aquafina to … Continue reading

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