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Humiliation of Israel in South Lebanon: Unreported by Western Media

As’ad AbuKhalil: My friend Amer was commenting to me how the failed Israeli terrorist “commando” raid in South Lebanon did not receive much coverage in the Western press. It is true, failures of Israel don’t get reported in the Western … Continue reading

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Ashura in Karbala and south Beirut

Ashura was last week and I didn’t get a chance to post it. Here’s to never being too late… a video of Ashura in Karbala, and a video of Sayyid Hassan at a Ashura rally in south Beirut.

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Breaking with the Past: Egypt’s Emerging Foreign Policy

This is for pro-Israelis who are in denial about the tectonic shifts taking place in the Middle East – Jerusalem Post: Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil El-Araby said Tuesday that Iran has historically rooted relations with Egypt as a neighboring country, … Continue reading

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Nasrallah Salutes Arab Uprisings

Lebanon NOW: Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Saturday evening saluted uprisings across the Arab world while dismissing the March 14 coalition’s campaign against non-state weapons. In a televised speech, Nasrallah praised revolutionaries and protesters in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, … Continue reading

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How political Islam is winning the war for talent (and gaining a competitive edge)

Foreign Policy Magazine – Excerpts: In 2009 the Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide Mohammed Mehdi Akef voluntarily stepped aside — the first time a top leader in the movement had voluntarily resigned before reaching death’s door. His message, as Michele Dunne … Continue reading

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CNN Video on Ahmadinejad’s Visit

Very interesting.

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Ahmadinejad Visits Lebanon

[There is a rally organized in south Beirut, a Hizbullah stronghold. There is no footage of the event yet, but it should be interested. I went to one such rally 2 years ago when I was in Lebanon and it … Continue reading

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Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah

Fadlallah passed away yesterday. I would have commented on it sooner but I was in the Bay area for the weekend and didn’t get around to blogging until now. Contrary to media reports, Fadlallah was not the “spiritual guide” to … Continue reading

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Hezbollah entrenched in Lebanon years after Israel left

BBC – Excerpts: “Ten years on since the withdrawal, the UN together with the Lebanese army patrol the border area. But flapping in the breeze along the fence are yellow and green flags of Hezbollah. Waving next to them is … Continue reading

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Lebanese Armenians to Vote for Hizbullah

BBC: In the upcoming parliamentary election in June, the main Armenian political party, Tashnak, looks set to play kingmaker. The vote of the 150,000-strong Armenian community may sway the outcome of the bitter and close race between the pro-Western government … Continue reading

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Middle East Reality Check

Roger Cohen at the NYT: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton grabbed headlines with an invitation to Iran to attend a conference on Afghanistan, but the significant Middle Eastern news last week came from Britain. It has “reconsidered” its position on … Continue reading

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Video Project: “Shi’ism: From Defeat to Defiance”

This past semester I enrolled in Professor Harvey Cox’s “Fundamentalism in Religion and Politics” course at the Divinity School here at Harvard. For the final, he gave us the option of doing a video project or a final paper. My … Continue reading

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Travel Log Part 4

This has probably been the longest while since I’ve updated my weblog. My apologies. I’m in a 6 week intensive intermediate Arabic program and it’s been hard trying to keep up with course work while at the same time trying … Continue reading

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Blog’s 3rd Anniversary

This month marks my weblog’s 3rd anniversary. I hope you’ve found this blog useful and thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I hope you’ve learned as much from me as I have from you. To mark the occasion, … Continue reading

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War is Politics by Other Means

[Although a bit dated, I find this piece on Hizbullah and the aftermath of the ’06 war very relevant.] Excerpt: It was this culture of resistance that led to Hizballah’s surprise victory in what is now being called in Lebanon … Continue reading

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