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No Ruz Parades

This weekend saw New York’s 5th annual Persian Parade and San Jose’s 1st annual No Ruz Parade. Given that there are countless more Iranians in So Cal, I’m still trying to figure out why there hasn’t been one there. In … Continue reading

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Freedom of Speech amongst Iranians

I’ve decided to devote more of my blog posts with what I think are unhealthy attitudes and practices prominent amongst many in the Iranian Diaspora including myself. I hope that through the dialogue, regardless of how nominal, it will serve … Continue reading

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Political Underdevelopment in the Iranian Diaspora

So there’s a group about Iran on facebook and someone posted a picture of Muhammad Reza Shah and his wife and captioned the picture as “Reza Pahlavi and his wife.” This is disturbing for two reasons: 1. She liked the … Continue reading

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Iranian-Americans Support Dialogue

NIAC: Iranian Americans overwhelmingly support dialogue and diplomacy between the United States and Iran, a scientific poll conducted by the University of California, Berkeley shows. Support for military strikes against Iran is minimal in the community. This stands in stark … Continue reading

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I first came up with the idea for the t-shirt logo as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley back in 2003 and I’ve been meaning to put it online ever since. I simply grew tired of Iranians calling themselves “Persians” or … Continue reading

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Where is Iran?

This video by no means represents all Iranians in the Diaspora, but it is, nevertheless, telling of some.

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