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Turkey and Syria Photo Essay

Click here to see my photo essay on my trip to Turkey and Syria. Stay tuned for 2 more covering Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt.

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Back Home

I arrived in southern California two days ago and it’s really good to be home. I’m trying to rest a little and take care of things before I head out to Boston for school in less than a week. This … Continue reading

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Travel Log Part 7

I get back to the states in 3 days and I definitely plan on blogging more and posting some pictures so please forgive me for taking so long to post (not that anyone was waiting). It’s been really hard maintaining … Continue reading

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Indeed, nobody cares…

CNN: “For me, being here has heightened the issue of Israel and Palestine,” Alimagham said. While in Lebanon, Alimagham visited a Palestinian refugee camp. “That was a testament to six decades of bad policy,” Alimagham said. “When I went to … Continue reading

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Travel Log Part 6

After more than two months here, I leave my Lebanese home for Jordan on Wednesday. Most of the kids in my program have gone and most of the full time AUB students have left as well since summer classes are … Continue reading

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Travel Log Part 5

My intermediate Arabic program has ended, thankfully. There were many Arabic programs to choose from for this summer. The one here at AUB had the most contact hours (over 180) in a short period of time (6 weeks). I thought … Continue reading

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Travel Log Part 4

This has probably been the longest while since I’ve updated my weblog. My apologies. I’m in a 6 week intensive intermediate Arabic program and it’s been hard trying to keep up with course work while at the same time trying … Continue reading

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Travel Log Part 3

Hello Hello! I wish I could post pictures for you. For whatever reason, I can’t access photobucket, even though the site is not blocked. If you are on facebook and would like to see pictures, I recently posted pictures from Damascus … Continue reading

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Travel Log Part 2

Before I write a little about Syria and my experiences thus far in Lebanon, I wanted to tell you about one other thing I witnessed in Turkey. I was there during the Turkey-Czech game where Turkey was down 2-0 and … Continue reading

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Hello Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve actually been traveling the Middle East. I received a couple scholarships to study intermediate Arabic at the American University in Beirut so I took the opportunity to plan trips for before … Continue reading

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Along with so many changes going on in my life, here is my new blog. It’s a tad bit more professional and a whole lot cleaner, user friendly, and custom. Needless to say, I’m excited. The blog still has some … Continue reading

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