I’m getting a little tired of candidates talking about change. Has anyone noticed that candidates always talk about change in the campaigns? And I’m not talking about just the candidates for the ’08 elections, but I’m talking about the candidates in all presidential elections. Just look it up… ANYWHERE, and each of the candidates talk about… you guessed it, CHANGE. In other words, you’re not a real choice unless you talk about change, even though the corporate elite that run DC render the talk of change as, of course, just talk.

As for Obama winning Iowa, I hear some people think that him winning one state attests to the improved status of the regular black person and of America’s tolerance of black people. Are you kidding? One rich guy who had the financial support and economic opportunities to go to good schools growing up thereby enabling him to get a proper education that eventually took him to Harvard Law speaks volumes not of the status of black people in this country, but of one man named Obama only and how money can buy you endless opportunities to make a better life for youself. Him winning one state does not change the fact that black people live in some of the most neglected neighborhoods in this country and are without the same economic and educational opportunities as people like Obama. Furthermore, Obama winning doesn’t change the fact that the US still systematically discriminates against black people in many arenas, even in the legal system.

In any case, in this two-party system (some call it a two-party dictatorship but I wouldn’t go that far), I’m still without a real choice for a candidate, at least one that actually stands a chance and has the ability to afflict change. What are your thoughts on the ’08 elections?

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