CNN Video: 2 Palestinian boys shot dead

The recent shooting death of 2 Palestinian boys is not the exception, but the norm in the Occupied Territories where there’s a supposed “ceasefire” in place. The meaning of a ceasefire for the Palestinians under occupation effectively means that Israel can continue the military occupation and pick off Palestinians on a seemingly daily basis but Palestinians must not fight back or else Israel would unleash its military machine on the largely defenseless population. See the video of the shooting here. I can already here Israeli state terror apologists saying that “Palestinians shot the kids dead in order to frame innocent Israel” or that the Palestinians were not unarmed as rocks are like missiles, lol. Better yet, they’ll say that we don’t know what happened until the Israeli military conducts an investigation, which is akin to waiting for the rapist to conduct an investigation on whether he raped the woman. Fat chance you’ll get any admission of guilt out the Israelis who insist on blaming the victims of their endless military occupation of the remainder of Palestine.

Oh, and did you see Anthony Bourdain’s acceptance speech at the MPAC Media Awards? The world is indeed waking up to the reality in Palestine. Here is an excerpt: It is something we do all the time: “Show regular people doing everyday things–cooking and enjoying meals… It is a measure, I guess, of how twisted and shallow our depiction of the people is that these images come as a shock to so many. The world has visited many terrible things on the Palestinian people, none more shameful than robbing them of their basic humanity.”

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