Dabashi on the Distinguishing between Zionism and Judaism

The fearless Professor Dabashi rightly emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between Zionism and Judaism: “it is absolutely imperative never to equate Zionism with Judaism, or to hold every Jew accountable for all the atrocities of the Israeli government. There are countless Jews and numerous Jewish organizations who actively support the Palestinian cause–Muslims at the receiving end of European and American Islamophobia must also recognize that this particular form of racism is a mere recycling of classical European anti-Semitism–legitimate criticism of Israel must never degenerate into inadvertent fusion with the horrors of anti-Semitism–how would Muslims like to be held accountable for the criminal thuggery of Boko Haram or ISIS or any other degenerate form of militant Islamism? Love, honor, and respect every single Jew who comes your way, like a sister, like a brother–that is the first and foremost sign of your true solidarity with the noble cause of Palestinian national liberation–the horrors of the Jewish Holocaust, in which European criminal racism obliterated six million plus Jews just for being Jews, is of immense significance here and it is incumbent upon every single Muslim to recognize the enormity of Jewish suffering if they expect the world to understand the terror of Palestinian suffering–keep your eyes on the ball, which is the criminal behavior of the state of Israel, and never allow yourself to be abused by the lurking anti-Semitism which hates Jews and Muslims alike.”

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