Demonstrations in Syria enter 5th day

No country is exempt, some are just less vulnerable to protest because the fear factor is higher.  Syria, where its intelligence agency and security services are among the more efficient and ruthless in region, is now experiencing its 5th day of protest. The fear factor is now breaking in Syria.  Here’s the footage from yesterday. Here’s the update for today: The preacher of the Saladin Mosque was reflecting on the joys of Mother’s Day, his sermon straying far from dramatic protests now gripping Syria, when a young man jumped up to the pulpit and grabbed the microphone.

“Why are you talking about this in these circumstances? Tell us about the political situation!” shouted the youth, before secret police arrested him and hurried him away.

The scene at the mosque in the lower income Damascus district of Ruknaldin, recounted to Reuters by worshippers who witnessed it on Friday, was striking in a country where pliant citizens have endured government-dictated sermons for decades.

In Damascus, as in the provinces, a barrier of fear which had blocked dissent is breaking down. Uprisings across the Arab world have not stopped at the door of one of its most hardline administrations.

For the first time, placards other than those glorifying Syria’s ruling elite and the “historic achievements” of the Baath Party are being raised in the towns of the strategic Hauran plain south of Damascus.

A single word is etched on them — “Freedom”.

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