Divestment Bill Debate Ends, Veto Will Stand

Let it be known that those who voted in favor of the veto or who abstained will eventually be confirmed as belonging to the wrong side of history; this I promise. FTL. Daily Californian: “The ASUC Senate upheld the veto of a bill targeting companies involved in alleged Israeli war crimes at its meeting on Wednesday night, ending a six-week-long debate that attracted international attention. In order to override President Will Smelko’s March 24 veto of the bill, supporters of the bill needed a two-thirds majority vote of all elected senators, but the 13-5-1 vote tallied at the meeting fell short. Student Action Senator Anish Gala was not present for the vote… After hearing the final tally, CalSERVE Senator Rahul Patel addressed the audience, saying that although the veto was not overridden, the ‘movement’ that began in the senate will continue. ‘Our stories are seeds and we sow them throughout the world,’ said Patel. ‘And the world has heard our stories, and that is what matters.’

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