Egypt: Subverting Democracy Part V

AlMasry AlYoum: An Egyptian military court postponed the trial of a blogger accused of spreading information that insults the military until  next Sunday, judicial sources said on Friday.

Military police arrested the Egyptian blogger, Michael Nabil, on 28 March at his home in Cairo, on charges of publishing a report on the violations of military forces against demonstrators since the revolution began on 25 January.

The judicial source added that Nabil is facing charges of insulting the military, spreading false information, and disturbing public security. Nabil had established a movement called “No for compulsory service in the army”, and he was imprisoned more than once in military prisons. Egyptian and international organizations have accused the military of torturing activists after dispersing protesters in Tahrir Square on 9 March, and conducting virginity tests on female protesters and accusing them of prostitution if they were deemed not to be virgins. The Supreme Council of Armed Forces has been governing Egypt since Mubarak stepped down on 11 February.
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