Facebook takes down page calling for a Palestinian uprising

Facebook has bowed to pro-Israeli pressure and has taken down the facebook page calling for a third intifada. Other gov’ts pressed facebook to take down pages that called for uprisings in other countries, but facebook refused. In the case of Israel, facebook puts its bias on display. In other words, according to facebook, you can call for uprisings in other countries in the region, but not Israel.  And to make sure that pro-Israelis drive the message home, they’ve sued facebook for $1 billion for not taking down the page fast enough. Of course, the suit will go no where but it sends a clear message that if you don’t act according to pro-Israeli interests, you’ll be hassled and harassed.  But here’s the thing, the uprisings in the Arab world happened on the streets not on facebook. Facebook and twitter were only a means to coordinate, to set the date and get the ball moving.  Whether pro-Israelis like it or not, the date for the Third Palestinian Uprising has been set: May 15 (Israel’s independence day).  The question now is whether Israelis can stamp it out the same way the dictatorship did, say in Bahrain, with its own protests. In other words, Israel has more in common with the Arab tyrannies than you think.

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