Gazans thank Iran for support in Israeli war

That Hamas has thanked Iran for its military help that came to bear in the latest phase of the Israeli occupation of the remainder of Palestine and its repercussions affirms two points: 1. Hamas is not unified. The Damascus branch experienced a falling out with Iran over the latter’s support for the Assad regime in Syria, but the Gazan faction is still very close to Iran; 2) Western media are hypocritical. The Western media have jumped on the billboards as proof that Iran supports Hamas. They quip at Iran for supporting Hamas while making very little of the fact that Western powers support Israel with far more lethal weaponry. For the record, Israel enjoys the military support of the world’s leading superpower and has killed far more civilians than all the armed factions in Palestine combined. If you don’t like Hamas having weapons then you should support the end of the occupation that breeds armed resistance against it. You simply can’t have the military occupation continue and expect peace at the same time. You must choose.

p.s. I wonder if the peace signs on Iran’s flags at the bottom of the banner are photo shopped, were a mistake, or were done deliberately.

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