Golden Globe Nominations

“Persepolis” and “The Kite Runner” are nominated for best foreign film! I’m excited even though Christian Bale wasn’t nominated for his performances in “Rescue Dawn” or “3:10 to Yuma.” As for the two nominated films, I love both of them but I must say, both were heart wrenching. Usually the nominations and winners are indicators as to what will pan out with the Oscars so these are the movies I need to see by then:

“Michael Clayton”

“The Great Debaters”
“Charlie Wilson’s War”

and “No Country for Old Men” which everyone who has seen it tells me it’s great. Have you seen any of them? What did you think?
Here’s the list of the nominations. The ceremony takes place this Sunday the 13th… can’t wait until the Oscar nods… I’m a loser I know…

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