Guest Appearances


“On the Brink: U.S.-Iran Relations”–Tufts Middle East Research Group, Tufts University (2.26.20)

“Two Peoples, One Struggle: Palestinian Liberation and Iran’s Green Uprising”–Middle East Studies Association Annual Conference (11.16.19)

“The Limits of Empowerment: Women, Gender, and Revolution in Iran’s Green Uprising”–Women and Gender Studies Intellectual Forum, MIT (9.25.19)

“Exploiting Iran’s Shi’ite Achilles Heal: Saudi Arabia’s Sectarian Response to Iran’s Islamic Revolution”–Conference on “Explaining Sectarianism: Community, Competition and Conflict, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University (10.6.19)

“Islam as a Discourse of Resistance in Iran: State Ideology vs Popular Protest in Iran”–Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Georgetown University (10.3.18)

“The Latin Roots in Iranian Protest Music”–Association for Iranian Studies Conference, UC Irvine (8.15.18)

“Democracy in Iran”–Watertown Free Public Library (3.13.18)

“The Genealogy of Protest: The Green Uprising and Iran Today”–The Fares Center, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University (2.5.18)


1. “US versus Iran: Tension over the airwaves”–AlJazeera’s Listening Post (1.11.20)


  1. “Ten Years after Green w/Pouya Alimagham”–East is a Podcast (3.31.20)
  2. “”Iran and U.S. Conflict and Political Turmoil”–Nomadland (1.13.20)
  3. “Covering Iran, Badly”–East is a Podcast (7.26.19)
  4. “US-Iran Crisis”–Jacobin Radio (6.25.19)
  5. “Iran + The Middle East + Religion”–Nomadland (10.26.17)

Radio Talks:

Redwood Community Radio (KUMD)

  1. Friday Night Talk (1.24.20)

Found in Translation

  1. Why is the World Crumbling?” (1.9.20)

KIRN 670 AM Politics & Society with Reza Goharzad:

  1. 7.7.19 – “Sec Pompeo and the ‘Normal Nation’ Standard” (in Persian on right sidebar)
  2. 1.29.17 – “On the Muslim Ban” (in Persian on right sidebar)

KPFK Public Radio, Beneath the Surface with Suzi Weissman

  1. 6.23.19 – US-Iran Crisis (podcasted by Jacobin Radio)

Media Appearances:

Voice of America:

  1. 6.25.14 – “The Saudi Roots of Today’s Shi’ite-Sunni War”

HuffPost Live:

  1. 3.7.13 – Room for Diplomacy?
  2. 10.2.12 – Top News Segment
  3. 8.31.12 – US Sidelined in Syria
  4. 8.23.12 – Sanctioning Iran