Hamid Dabashi on the Syrian Veto

Columbia University Professor Hamid Dabashi on the recent UNSC veto: “I agree with the Syrian opposition activists who have branded the Russian and Chinese veto as a ‘license to kill’–I also sympathize with the American UN envoy Susan Rice, who wrote on Twitter that she was ‘disgusted’ with this veto and said Russia and China would have blood on their hands–and then I wonder how many votes against Israel has the US vetoed–can we please apply the same vocabulary to the almighty US–that the US has given Israel ‘license to kill’ and the world too is ‘disgusted’ with the systematic pattern of US vetoing anything that puts Israel on the spot for doing to Palestinians what Bashar Assad is doing to Syrians–just wondering–it is an amazing moment in history when the opportunism of one superpower exposes the hypocrisy of the other.”

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