If Qaddafi fell at the hands of his own people

More and more cities have fallen to the opposition. Dozens of regime officials and diplomats have resigned in protest of Qaddafi’s crackdown. Generals and soldiers have defected to the people. Indeed, fighter pilots ordered to fire on the people have refused with a couple flying their planes overseas in defiance. Reports indicate that he’s bringing in mercenaries to do what his Libyan soldiers won’t. He’s holed up in his stronghold in Tripoli refusing to leave and pledging to fight until “the last man.”  Towns closer and closer to Tripoli are falling to the protesters. Some analysts are expecting a bloody showdown in Tripoli. A couple of my friends predict that his own generals will murder him to prevent a bloodbath. This would have a major psychological impact for other tyrants and it could contrast with those  like Ben Ali who fled by airplane.  Make no mistake about it, should he die at the hands of his own generals or from his own people storming his residence, it would send a icy chill down the spines of all the dictators of the region who stubbornly cling onto power in the face of a concerted protest movement.  Furthermore, if Qaddafi, one of the most senile and notorious dictators of the Arab and Muslim world, falls from power, it would be give an immeasurable boost to the wider protest movement gripping the region.

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