iPouya.com: Major Renovations Complete

I couldn’t be more excited about the recent changes implemented onto my blog. First, with the help of friends, I updated the entire program running the site, making it much more secure and user friendly.  Then I cleaned up much of the blog’s links, spammed comments, and categories. Lastly, I searched long and hard to find a cleaner more sophisticated template, which is the most exciting part about the new changes.

The new template allows for tabs at the top, which now includes my youtube channel, a tag cloud on the top right of the sidebar (a tag cloud is another way to search through the blog), a drop menu for post categories, which is good because it organizes the sidebar more effectively, and provides links to my facebook and twitter accounts at the top of the sidebar (so “follow me” on twitter!). I even changed the counter at the bottom of the sidebar opting for a more enjoyable design!

Most importantly, blogging is fun again. I will be blogging much more frequently now. And should the blog run into problems again, be informed that I will jump on it immediately.

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5 Responses to iPouya.com: Major Renovations Complete

  1. Burgundy says:

    Any thoughts on the basketball series?

  2. iPouya says:

    Well, I grew up in So Cal and always liked the Lakers (and the Bulls since Im generation Jordan)… and I lived 2 years in Boston, but still want the Lakers to win. I have a love-hate relationship w Kobe… sometimes Im awed w his game and other times I want to slap him. He’s no Jordan, no question about it. I respect Fisher so much more than Kobe, esp after game 3. His 4th quarter performance was legendary. He was quiet tonight but I expect him, Kobe, and the rest to pull through in game 7 🙂


  3. Burgundy says:

    Im from New Hampshire, so I am rooting for Boston (against the West Coast 🙂 ). I think they have done a great job on Kobe, and frankly he has had to take a lot of ridiculous shots and some have gone in. Same with fisher. The only guy that Boston has been unable to truly stop is Gasol. If they can figure out Gasol and Bynum, its over. If they can’t is also over, but in the lakers favor. I think Boston has been getting great shots, but just missing them.

  4. iPouya says:

    Having said all that, you have to admit that the main ingredient to Boston’s win in game 4 was Bynum’s absence in the 2nd half of the game. With him injured, Davis was able to dominate the paint 💡

  5. Burgundy says:

    Good point.

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