Iran: No Bomb

So 16 American intelligence agencies have said that Iran most likely scrapped its weapons program in 2003. My dad called me yesterday and told me that he thought it was great news believing that the regimes may have made a back room deal to diffuse the crisis. I told him that the report wouldn’t change anything and that the war-regime in the US didn’t care about true, or in the case of Iraq, faulty intelligence. For the time being, I am right. And, of course, Israeli leaders are still trying to make the case for an American war against Iran, like they did with Iraq. The BBC reported that “Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak took issue with the report, saying Iran had probably restarted its suspected weapons programme.” How much do you want to bet that if Iran didn’t oppose Israel’s policy of ethnic cleansing, Israeli officials wouldn’t be arguing for the necessity of an American attack on Iran?

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