Iran Wins Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film

Last night Iran’s submission (“A Separation”) won the Golden Globe for best foreign film. See the trailer to the film here. The acceptance speech was short but sweet. See it here.  I was most pleased that the speech was non-polemical and straight to the point.  I couldn’t agree more with the message, of course. Though I must admit that Iranians are no more “peace-loving” than anyone else but it is important that people be reminded of this basic fact as there is a concerted effort to demonize Iran and Iranians by those who wish to bring the disaster of another war into reality.  The fact that the director, Asghar Farhadi, justifiably felt obliged to utter such remarks is both telling and sad… telling because of the sad situation where war and demonization is still ongoing, and sad because Iranians all over are stigmatized and feel a need to defend themselves as a people.

Anyway, congrats to the team who made the film and everyone else who was full of bliss in this little but important victory.

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