Iran’s Elections

My life is in a bit of a transition period so I haven’t been following the Iranian elections as much as would like but today I read something very interesting. I read that the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps. (IRGC) accused Mousavi of using the elections and his campaign to organize a velvet revolution. There’s no real way of knowing and this may or may not be his intention (probably not) but I saw footage of the student campaigners today in Tehran and it very much looked like a demonstration reminiscent of movements that ended communist rule in Eastern Europe at the end of the Cold War. This probably isn’t Mousavi’s objective but is it possible that this campaign is snowballing into something else? Anyway, if any of you are elligible to vote as Iranians living in the US, you can find a local voting center here. The elections are this Friday and I hope to be able to vote. I welcome any ideas you may have about the elections.

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