Israeli settlers set fire to West Bank mosque… not the first time

[Remember when they used to torch black churches in the South?] Al-Jazeera: “The Israeli police … have opened a very widespread investigation; the other security forces in Israel will be a part of [it], as well as Palestinian information that has some contribution to this investigation,” she said.

“We see this incident in a very severe manner. We will do the utmost to find these lawbreakers and bring them to court.”

Primary investigations, she said, showed Hebrew graffiti and burnt carpets at the mosque.

However, Al Jazeera’s Mika Hanna, reporting from Jerusalem, said the Israeli announcement has been met with “a degree of scepticism”.

Monday’s vandalism was the fourth attack on a West Bank mosque in the past year. Last May, Palestinians accused settlers of setting fire to a mosque in the village of Libban al-Sharqia. Israel said the blaze was probably caused by a spark during building work.

No charges have been brought for any of the previous incidents.

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