Judge a book by its cover, but look closely before you do

Cover story–literally the story behind why I chose this cover image for my book, Contesting the Iranian Revolution: The Green Uprisings (published at The Iranian under the title: “Judge a book by its cover, but look closely before you do”).
Excerpt: “The faceless woman that graces the book’s cover indeed epitomizes the wider participation of activist women in every stage of this history, from campaigning in the run-up to the election and mobilizing against its results, to throwing themselves into melees to protect attackers caught by angry demonstrators, and providing the posterboy of the movement, who was not Mousavi but a ‘postergirl’—Neda Agha Soltan (d. June 20, 2009)…Mousavi is featured on the cover but he is not its central focus. While the opposition gathered under the cover of his presidential campaign and then morphed into a protest movement after the disputed election results, the uprising was about much more than him.”
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