Last Night’s VP Debate

I cringe anytime one of these candidates, whether Obama, McSame-as-Bush, Palin or Biden, talk about Iran or Israel, especially with Obama since he talks about change yet wants to effectively maintain the status quo with the illegal Israeli occupation. Ugh. Nonetheless, I support Obama, he’s far from perfect and the two-party system in America is a far cry from real democracy, but let there be no doubt about it, if he wins, this irrelevant blog will hold his feet to the fire.

As for the debate last night, Palin really sounded like Bush, not just with the way she pronounce “nuclear” but also because of everything she said. I, did, however, think that she wasn’t as bad as everyone expected (the week at debate camp, where she memorized answers to every scenario, helped I’m sure), and I think that because people had such low expectations of her, that by not messing up as bad as she did in her recent interviews, she actually scored big. “O’Biden”, as Palin called him once during the debate, finished much stronger than he began. He should have spoken to the camera like Palin did. By speaking to the camera, she made an audience out of the American people; she was talking to him. He, however, was looking at the moderate most of the time.

All in all, it was unimpressive. Below are the links to the debate. Here’s the most recent CNN Electoral Map Calculator that gives Obama a big lead one month before the elections.
Debate Part 1
Debate Part 2
Debate Part 3
Debate Part 4
Debate Part 5
Debate Part 6
Debate Part 7
Debate Part 8
Debate Part 9
Debate Part 10

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