Moving On

My parents are flying in tomorrow (Tuesday) night for commencement ceremonies, which are on Thursday, June 4th. They’ve never been to Cambridge and have not see Harvard’s breathtaking campus. I’m excited to have them here so they can see where I’ve been for the past two years.

I’ve been saying my farewells to friends these past couple weeks. It’s an emotional time for many, but it hasn’t really hit me yet. I’m more happy and excited about what’s ahead than sentimental about the conclusion of this chapter of my life. But it has been a journey and I definitely feel blessed for having had the opportunity to be here. I’ve met some of the most talented and worldly graduate students here and have had classes with the most brilliant professors. Through Harvard, I was able to study Arabic abroad and travel to 5 countries in the Middle East and so much more.  I got to experience two snow-filled winters – a first for me since I was raised under the glorious Orange County sun.  Typical of many graduate students, I also expanded my interest in television shows ranging from Lost and The Office to Curb Your Enthusiasm and a couple more that I’m simply too embarrassed to mention 🙂 . Most importantly, through my graduate and undergraduate careers, I was able to gain admission to a MA/PhD program in history at a top 10 program on Feb. 19th (more on that another day).

I fly out of here with a one-way ticket to California this Saturday. I leave grateful to this university and the scholarship it awarded me and I take with me a treasure chest worth of two-years of memories. I will write to you next from the Golden State.

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