Mubarak on Trial

NY Times Excerpt: Even the very prospect of Mr. Mubarak’s trial seemed to mark a new moment in the Arab world. It is perhaps comparable to the capture, trial and execution of Saddam Hussein, though he was overthrown by an American invasion based on a pretext that proved false. Mr. Mubarak was felled by a popular revolution. The scene of Mr. Mubarak standing before a judge may, in fact, make the Arab revolts in Syria, Libya and Yemen all that much more difficult to resolve. Some Arab officials have said that prosecuting Mr. Mubarak will make strongmen facing their own uprisings more reluctant to leave.

“The only reason we want to try him — the sole reason — is so that he can serve as an example for the person who follows him,” he said. “There is a limit to power.”

See the video here.

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