Mubarak’s Release

We are at the highest peak of the counter-revolution in the Arab Uprisings. The Saudi-UAE-backed Egyptian coup is now commandeering the release of Hosni Mubarak.  His release should lay to rest any delusion that the Sisi-coup in Egypt was the 2nd phase of the 2011 revolution.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  This is certainly not the 2nd phase, but the total undoing of the 1st phase.

Although the Arab Uprisings began in Tunisia, Egypt and its Tahrir Square became it’s headquarters. As such, the counter-revolution’s focal point is also in Egypt, but it’s architects are in Riyadh and those that support and sustain the Al-Saud dictatorship. These same architects have usurped what was a popular uprising in Syria that started in Dera’a and transformed it into a mercenary jihad a la the Afghanistan of the 80s.  These same architects invaded Bahrain in the spring of 2011 to bolster a regime that was on its last leg. And of course, they have stamped out the revolutionary movement that has repeatedly tried to surface on its own territory, specifically in eastern province and the city of Qatif.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if we want to see genuine revolution in the Middle East, the first regime that must fall is the Saudi regime. It and its billions of dollars in oil money are effectively financing the counter-revolution with only one purpose in mind: Preventing the rise of democratic forces so as to not inspire democratic forces in Saudi Arabia.  For the Saudis, this is about self-preservation and self-preservation does not only entail security clampdowns at home, but preventing democratic forces from gaining power anywhere in the Middle East – even if it means spending billions abroad and financing the most ruthless forces, whether a military junta in Egypt or a mercenary jihad in Syria.

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