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Do you guys like the blog’s new banner? I love it! You have no idea how long it takes to search through albums to find the right photos and edit them. But I’m happy about the end result for now. When I first came to Harvard, I took my blog from to here. It was supposed to reflect the changes that were occurring in my life at the time. I guess this new header is supposed to symbolize the life-changes that I’ll be experiencing with graduation this June and onwards 🙂 For those who care, I shall fill you in on my post-graduation plans soon.

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  1. nahid says:

    I like them, from r to l #1 and # 4 my favorite.

  2. :) says:

    Murder, ghettoes, and piracy. The crimes of Zionism are endless:

    “IDF soldiers arrived at the scene and reportedly opened fire in the direction of the Palestinians. In total, 16 Palestinians were wounded, including one who was reportedly in critical condition.”

    Residents of a Palestinian Christian housing project in the West Bank village of Beit Sahour say Israel is encircling their community with a security road to separate them from a nearby Jewish settlement. “With this situation they will put us in a cage, a zoo,” said William Sahouri, 42, a resident and member of the project’s housing committee. “We will not be able to expand.””

    Israeli Naval forces have abducted eight Palestinian fishermen (including two minors) from the Salateen area in north of the Gaza Strip. Additionally, the fishermen’s four hassakas (small fishing boats) have been taken by the Israeli Navy. According to eyewitnesses, the fishermen were only about 100 meters from the coast at the time of their abduction.”

  3. :) says:

    I cant wait to hear what Arash is doing after he graduates. Of course, he wont be able to find a very good paying job given the law school he attended and his less than stellar, to be generous, academic performance, but hell be doing…something. Apparently he thinks he is going to “take down” hezbollah, as he once told me in a phone conversation. hezbollah has a lot to be worried about, given Arash, cant get through mot sentences without a grammatic error. Nasrallah be worried, an illiterate fatty is coming to take you down!

  4. :) says:

    There is nothing more embarrassing than mocking someone with horrible grammar and making grammatical mistakes while doing so. Critics: You are free to mock me here.

  5. Banner Men says:

    1 exemple is more than 1000 words

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