New Beginnings

This has probably been the longest while I’ve gone without posting here on my blog and there’s good reason for the inactivity.  I’ve been busy preparing for the next chapter. On Tuesday, Sept. 1st, I move to Ann Arbor, Michigan to begin PhD work at the University of Michigan’s history program. I also turned 28 a couple days ago so I’ve been a little consumed with birthday festivities.  I have mixed feelings about the move. For one, I love California and I love being near my family, friends, cousins, my dog, and the glorious Orange County sun and I’ve grown particularly enthralled with all these past 3 months. I spent the summer in Orange County because last summer I was in Lebanon studying Arabic for 3 months and traveling the region. And when I wasn’t in the Middle East, I was in Boston for 2 years pursing my MA. Thus,  I wanted to be home this summer to rest between academic programs while spending time with friends and family. It wasn’t just fun and leisure as I was also busy with independent language study. But come Tuesday, I fly out to a place entirely new to me. I did just this all two years ago when I started the masters program at Harvard so I think I should be fine with the transition, but I will definitely miss this place and will be homesick for a while. I will miss playing rummy with my parents at night, playing basketball with my brother, having my dog Momo come into my bed as I wake up in the mornings, watching fantastic movies like District 9 with my cousins, playing the most insane backgammon matches, sharing some of the wildest stories, and making timeless moments with my friends.
At the same time, I am excited about moving to Ann Arbor because it’s an entirely new place with new people. I’m excited to have my own place (I was in the graduate dorms these past two years at Harvard), get familiar with what seems like an awesome city, and be a part of a wonderful academic program. The winter season will be very onerous but it can’t be much worse than what I got accustomed to in Boston.

So enjoy these mouthwatering blueberry muffins electronically and here’s to new beginnings! 🙂


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