NIAC: Setting the Record Straight

NIAC: Myth: NIAC is a lobby for the Islamic Republic of Iran. Fact: NIAC is not a lobby for the Islamic Republic. NIAC is an American organization that represents the majority viewpoints of American’s of Iranian descent, as reflected in numerous polls. NIAC is funded exclusively by the Iranian-American community and grants from major US foundations, such as the Ploughshares Fund and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. NIAC has repeatedly criticized the Iranian government’s human rights abuses and called for greater freedoms. During the June Iranian Presidential elections, NIAC played a key role in educating the US public and decision makers on developments in Iran and the Iranian people’s demands for their votes to be counted and their rights to be respected. NIAC has also been on the forefront calling for Washington to address Iran’s human rights record in its diplomatic engagement with Tehran. Those accusing NIAC of supporting the Iranian government do so not on the basis of any evidence, but due to their disagreement with our support for diplomacy with Tehran, opposition to war, and support for a negotiated resolution to the nuclear stand-off. As Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic has said, ‘The implication that [Trita Parsi] is somehow a tool of the regime is unfair, untrue and malicious.'” To read on, click here.

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