Nim-Pahlavi (aka Reza Pahlavi) sent Obama a congratulation letter. I bet Obama recycled it before reading. I mean, who is Reza Pahlavi to be congratulating Obama? And of course, just like so many other Iranians, he claims to speak for all of us. By the way, did any of you read Pahlavi’s book, Winds of Change? Written more than 10 years ago, he argued that the regime was about to fall and that Iran should be ready for elections. Should the people, he argued, vote him to be the next monarch or president then he obey their demands. What a joke. What a farce. I mean, this man has zero qualifications, except of course being the son of the ousted dictator, and has done nothing to bring about change. Yet, we’re supposed to take him seriously? Pssssssssh, maybe if he donated some of the millions his family plundered from Iran, I might stop cussing him out ALL THE TIME.

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