Obama’s strategic silence on Gaza

From an email a friend sent me:

BBC: “Visiting the Israeli town of Sderot in July, he [Obama] suggested
that he too would respond if rockets were being fired at his house.”

Well, did he visit Gaza? Did you, Mr Obama? Would you too then
perhaps respond, to being starved, utterly dehumanized, deprived of
the most basic food and health supplies; reduced to an existence more
bleak and pitiful than life-sentence in prison? Would you respond,
just maybe, to being humiliated on a daily basis, restricted in all
your daily movement, subject to devastating helicopter and tank/troop
incursions in which schools, hospitals, mosques, basic infrastructure
(electricity, water, etc.) were regularly the main prey of missiles
armed with state-of-art targeting systems? When over 1000 Palestinian
children vs. 123 Israeli children have been killed since this conflict
began (that’s a 10 to 1 ratio), and despite these statistics the world
persists in its blatantly racist painting of you as the inhuman
aggressor; tell me, how would you respond, Mr Obama??

You might just go build yourself a make-shift Qassam rocket.
Unsophisticated, completely ineffective, barely able to pierce through
a well-built roof, you figure at least with this rocket, you’re
affirming your one human right of which neither the occupier, nor the
entire world, can never can ever rob you – your right to resist!

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