“Peres Blasts Iran in UN Address”

Well, not exactly. He tried to “blast” Iran but his speech was full of holes. For example, he said “Iran is ‘at the centre of violence and fanaticism’ in the world.” This is coming from an official who represents a state that is armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons, laid ruin to a sovereign country 2 years ago (Lebanon), is ethnically cleansing the W. Bank and continuously building Jewish only settlements, is enforcing a blockade on the Gaza Strip, one of the poorest regions in the world, and further starving its people, and is notorious for murdering opponents of its illegal 41-year-old occupation, yet Iran is “at the centre of violence and fanaticism’ in the world”? He also said “Iran divided the Middle East and held back the chance of peace.” This is coming from an official representing a state that not once, but twice rejected a comprehensive peace offer by the Arab League whereby they offered Israel full peace and the normalization of relations if they inter alia withdrew from the West Bank. He also said “Iran is in breach of three UN Security Council resolutions calling for an end to its uranium enrichment programme.” This is coming from an official who represents a state that not only possesses nuclear weapons and is not a signatory to the NPT but also stands in violation of dozens of UNSC resolutions. He also charged Iran with dividing Lebanon by supporting Hizbullah. That’s funny because long before there was Hizbullah, there was a divided Lebanon. In fact, Lebanon was so divided that it imploded into a civil war in 1975. Many outside powers support different factions in Lebanon, but Israel’s problem isn’t that Iran is “dividing” Lebanon, but that it supports a movement that has successfully confronted Israel not once, but twice! And the icing on the cake was how he said the Iranian people “are not our enemies”, and added: “Their fanatic leadership is their problem and the world’s concern.” The Egyptian and Jordanian governments have peace treaties with Israel, but let there be no mistake about it, the overwhelming majority of the people of said countries consider Israel an enemy state. As for Iran, with or without the regime’s anti-Israel inclinations, the overwhelming majority of Iranians in Iran (not the diaspora community) oppose the Israeli state’s policy of ethnic cleansing!

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