Biden Easing U.S. Role in Yemen War Raises Prospects of Iran Diplomacy

My quotes in Newsweek: “Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Pouya Alimagham, an author and Middle East historian, joined the global calls for action on Yemen. He argued that Washington should press Riyadh and Abu Dhabi to halt the conflict, regardless of the pace of JCPOA dealings.

‘The Saudi-Emirate war has not yielded any political results, and has instead only fostered the world’s worst humanitarian crisis in the region’s poorest nation,’ Alimagham told Newsweek. ‘In that vein, there is simply no reason as to why the war should continue. Every indicator suggests that it should not have commenced in the first place, and should have ended long ago at the least.’

When it comes to the nuclear deal, he feels it is the U.S. side that needs to soften its ‘hardline’ stance, as it would enable a return by both parties.

‘I think a phased return in which the U.S. initiates a nominal step, such as removing some sanctions, could very well set in motion a series of events that leads to both returning to full compliance,’ Alimagham said.

‘To save face, the Biden administration can lift some sanctions in the name of humanitarian aid; the Trump administration had tightened sanctions on #Iran at the height of the pandemic, for which Iran was the region’s epicenter,” he said. “Should that happen, Iran would likely respond by taking nominal steps in the direction of returning to compliance.'”

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