Qur’ans burned on 9/11 despite canceled event

After introducing the idea and championing it for months, Terry Jones abandoned it a couple days before the 9th anniversary of 9/11. Others, however, took it upon themselves to set the Qur’an on fire without Terry Jones. See the video here. And here’s a Tea Party activist in NYC calling for the mass murder of all Muslims. Obviously, these people do not represent all Americans but these incidents do highlight a growing trend of anti-Islamic hysteria in the US.   Such sentiments have existed long before 9/11 and have grown much since then, but are only now coming to the forefront. For the record, I’m not saying they don’t have a right to do this or that, I’m just appalled at what they’re doing. If they said and did these things targeting any other religion, there would be an uprising!  The interesting thing is people are denouncing Muslims for protesting against the book burning saying that the book burners have the right to express themselves. Well, ok, don’t the protesters have the same right to express themselves through peaceful protest (and most have in fact been peaceful)?

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  1. Arash Benjamin Kahen the Occupation Soldier says:

    Unbelievalbe, seriously what do Jews have to do with this Mosque? You sound a lot like Ahmadinejad who tries to relate everything to the Jews and Israel. Even though you did not name Jews, but you did imply it.
    You sound a lot like him.

  2. iPouya says:

    Arash, you’ve lost your mind bro. Do you try to be one-dimensional or does it come naturally to you? Nothing in my post said or alluding to Jews and Israel but since you have such a one-track mind, you read Israel in every word you read, see Israel in everything you watch, and hear Israel in everything you hear. I’m speechless.

  3. Ali Alyami says:


    • Ali Alyami, on September 16, 2010 at 5:56 am Said:
    American Bedu said “Terry Jones is the preacher at Dove World Outreach Center located in Gainesville, Florida. His church has 50 members. Jones has a history of preaching anti-Islam rhetoric. Yet he crossed that red line when he announced his intent to burn Qurans.”
    He was bashing Islam among other subjects for sometimes, but no one heard of or paid attention to him; and his members did not increase one bit. Why?
    Why did he he become a national household and an international figure when he announced he would be burning the Muslim religious text book, the Quran?
    Why are 70% of the American people view Islam negatively. They did not give a damn about Islam (or any religion including their own for that matter) before 9/11. What Happened after 9/11 that made people around the world view Islam less favorable?
    Of all peoples on this planet, Muslims should ask themselves these questions, debate them and find out what’s behind them and what they should do to prove that their fate is not violent, oppressive and intolerant.
    Let me give you a hint. This is not Jewish conspiracy In fact, some of the staunchest defenders of building a mosque near ground zero are Jews to the dismay of many Americans.
    StrangeOne said “I think it’s sad that Muslims in the US are viewed with suspicion, though I think awareness and education about Islam would help. I do not find the rise in Islam that surprising after learning more about it recently. Rather, I see it as a natural occurrence in a time where many people are presented with conflicting values and are looking for guidance on how to live the best way.
    Why are Muslims in the US viewed with suspicion? Is it because they are Muslims or is it because of what they represent? Consider this. What part of Islam can should be imported and implemented in America which could improve liberty, freedom of speech, empowerment of the individuals, judicial system, advancement of sciences and technologies, checks and balance, accountability, transparency, women’s and minorities’ rights, religious freedom and freedom of choice?
    Finally, I was and still am adamantly against building the mosque near ground zero, not because I am against religious freedom, but because of the mosque’s designers, financiers and promoters’ intended objectives.
    I believe and work for religious freedom, freedom of worship, freedom of thought and freedom of all forms of expressions. They are the most basic human rights for all human beings.Ground Zero is not about religious freedom. There more than hundred mosques in New York alone and no one has objected to them before.
    How many Arab and Muslim countries allow for such practices, especially my motherland, Saudi Arabia? May be just may be this why Islam and Muslims are the most disliked religion and people on this planet.

    Daisy, on September 16, 2010 at 6:08 am Said:
    Mr. Alyami,
    thanks for bearing out my comment above which will appear after moderation.

    Daisy, on September 16, 2010 at 6:07 am Said:
    I am away from commenting on blogs as I’m involved in other pressing activity at the moment. But this topic brought me back momentarily to write this one comment here.
    Even though I am much misunderstood in my stand on this issue amongst the visitors of this blog, I would like to reiterate my stand here.
    I feel – and we actually have a law in India about this – that the existence of diverse groups in a democracy requires that each of us respect the sentiments of others. If we insist upon disregarding the sentiments of others in the name of our democratic freedoms, the result would be chaos, as it has happened in the US.
    Hence, my stand in this regard is that the Quran burning burning issue by Pastor Jones should not be seen in isolation from the issue of Park51.
    Both project trample upon the sentiments of the majority of the people and both projects are protected by the 1st amendment of the US Constitution. Both of them disregarded the popular sentiments and insisted upon their freedoms.
    The way I see it, Quran burning is wrong and Park51 is also wrong – for exactly the same reason. I condemn both activities.
    However, Pastor Jones may be stupid, crazy, on the fringes, ignorant, but his activity has exposed the hypocrisy of the so-called “liberals” and also much of the Islamic world.
    Both of these attempt to apply the 1st Amendment differently on different people. For them the sentiments of one group are not important. Only a few days before Pastor Jones came on the scene, the aspect of sentiments was not a valid argument in a democracy. But these same people forgot the freedom of the 1st Amendment and civil liberties when Pastor Jones wanted to burn the Quran.
    I find their attitude absolutely dishonest, despicable, debased and hypocritical. Unfortunately for this world, this group includes even Obama.
    As I said, I object to Park51 and I object to Quran burning.
    Bloomberg was one person who took exactly opposite stand to that of mine, but I have to admit that he had the courage and the honesty to treat both cases on par with each other and he supported both. I don’t agree with his stand, but I have to say that he is honest and consistent, unlike his colleagues.
    It must not be overlooked that Quran burning episode was the culmination of the reaction that was generated as a result of Park51 project and the so-called “liberals” support to it in utter disregard to people’s sentiments.
    Hence, Imam Rauf and Co and his supporters are as much accomplice in bringing up the Quran burning as was Pastor Terry Jones. they should not be exonerated from their responsibility.
    As for “hurting the Muslims,” I think it’s a very simplistic reading of the Islamic population to think that they all are alike.
    There are different types of Muslims with varying degree of adherence to orthodoxy or democratic freedom.
    As I said in the other post, there are Muslims who are opposed to Park51 and I found there are also Muslims who have cautioned the Islamic community that to react violently that to react violently to Quran burning is not only unethical, but also against the spirit of Islam. They have actually cautioned the Islamic community not to react violently in this case.
    Some of them have also acknowledged that the Muslims in the US have not shown appropriate democratic behaviour in all these 9 years and thus, they have contributed to this anti-feeling.
    Following are some important links in his regard. It is worth reading them. Please note that these are written by Muslim writers –
    From a Saudi Professor in Arabic daily Asharq Alawsat –
    Questions from Imam Rauf from an American Muslim –
    (Note – those who can’t open this entire article from this link, please type in Google “Questions from Imam Rauf from an American Muslim” and click the Wall Street Journal link that turns up.)
    A Muslim Response to Quran Burning –
    (Note – those who can’t open this entire article from this link, please type in Google “A Muslim Response to Quran Burning” and click the Wall Street Journal link that turns up.)
    Why I’m opposed to New York Park51Initiative –
    A Muslim against Ground Zero Mosque –
    I commend such Muslims and I stand with them, not with the fanatics who want to demand their religious freedom in a democracy by trampling upon the sentiments of others and who remember their hurt feelings but not of others.

    blooming in the sand said on Saudi Arabia: Fear in the Rise of Islam
    September 16, 2010 at 6:54 am
    In response to American Bedu on September 16, 2010 at 3:09 am:
    We’ve often heard the term “Islamist Extremist” in relation to a Muslim who acts in a manner which is against the principals of Islam. When Terry Jones first made his announcement of his intent to burn Qurans on the anniversary of 9/11 I felt my heart constrict. How could someone who calls himself a Minister […]
    I agree with Daisy. In American if you agree that the Iman has the right to build the mosque so close to ground zero you must agree that the Pastor has a right to burn the Quran. Are they stupid and insensitive things to do. YES. But in American you have the right to do it. I and my family will fight to keep that right, no matter how stupid it is. The pastor did not burn the Quran but with the Iman build the mosque?
    Will the mosque not be viewed as a victory of Islam over America?

  4. Sound says:

    You implied it, read this sentense and it shows what I am talking about:
    “If they said and did these things targeting any other religion, there would be an uprising!”

    You are implying Jews.

  5. iPouya says:

    “…any other religion” refers to just that, any other religion. Don’t confuse yourself and stick w the point of the “sentense,” haha.

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