Qur’ans burned on 9/11 despite canceled event

After introducing the idea and championing it for months, Terry Jones abandoned it a couple days before the 9th anniversary of 9/11. Others, however, took it upon themselves to set the Qur’an on fire without Terry Jones. See the video here. And here’s a Tea Party activist in NYC calling for the mass murder of all Muslims. Obviously, these people do not represent all Americans but these incidents do highlight a growing trend of anti-Islamic hysteria in the US.   Such sentiments have existed long before 9/11 and have grown much since then, but are only now coming to the forefront. For the record, I’m not saying they don’t have a right to do this or that, I’m just appalled at what they’re doing. If they said and did these things targeting any other religion, there would be an uprising!  The interesting thing is people are denouncing Muslims for protesting against the book burning saying that the book burners have the right to express themselves. Well, ok, don’t the protesters have the same right to express themselves through peaceful protest (and most have in fact been peaceful)?

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