Revolution Day in Iran

The Press TV footage from all of Iran’s major cities can be seen here. More commentary coming soon (still trying to gather sources on the opposition’s activities…) Excerpt: “‘It’s pretty clear that Greens everywhere will feel demoralised… The overall feeling is one of disappointment,’ one well-placed source in Tehran told The Times last night. ‘The opposition miscalculated,’ said another. The regime was determined to prevent the so-called Green Movement from hijacking the biggest day in Iran’s calendar and largely succeeded. It filled Azadi Square with tens of thousands of flag-waving supporters for the main event – Mr Ahmadinejad’s speech which was broadcast live on state television. Opposition websites posted pictures of the fleets of buses that had brought in the huge crowd and said it was given free food and drinks. Most foreign journalists are banned from Iran. Those that remain, and their Iranian counterparts, were bussed to and from Azadi Square and barred from reporting on anything else, meaning only the patchiest information emerged from the rest of the city. Opposition websites said Revolutionary Guards and basiji militiamen were stationed everywhere and that they moved swiftly and violently to break up opposition demonstrations.”

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