Revolution Day: Time for Vacation?

TimeExcerpt: “Traffic in northern Tehran was incredibly clear on the 31st anniversary of the country’s Islamic revolution. A trip that usually takes an hour and a half was traversed in 30 minutes. The districts in the area were the source of some of the more fervent anti-government protesters after the country’s disputed presidential election in June. But apparently, many residents — who are among the city’s more affluent — took advantage of the beginning of a five-day holiday to book trips to tourist destinations such as Dubai, Istanbul or Iranian towns on the shores of the Caspian Sea, perhaps to avoid the violence that accompanied religious festivities in December. A travel agent said flights to Dubai had been reserved for the holiday weeks in advance. That would help explain the relative silence of the opposition on what many had thought was going to a day of noisy, if not fiery, confrontation in Iran’s capital.”

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