Ron Paul on The Tonight Show

He’s looking really good and it’s not because there’s a low standard amongst the Republican nominees, though they are all very terrible to be sure, but he’s so on point, especially when it comes to foreign policy, I’d seriously consider voting for him if he clinches the nomination and goes against Obama. Just listen to him here on The Tonight Show with Leno.  It is very apparent that he is the most informed out of all the Republican candidates (and Obama too) when it comes to foreign policy and we should I give that aspect of the debates priority. America’s power is so vast that bad US foreign policy can be ruinous for parts of the world, i.e. the decision to invade Iraq was an unrivaled disaster.

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One Response to Ron Paul on The Tonight Show

  1. PB says:

    I have donated to his campaign the last time he ran and this time.

    On domestic policy he is also right.

    Republicans talk about cutting regulation, but that is not the same as cutting the size of the overall Fed Government. Cutting regulation allows the big Corporation to do more with less money. Ron Paul says cut entire departments at the Federal level and weaken the Feds. This will allow States with more money to decide what they want to do. Also, States don’t declare war with their money, they build roads, hospitals, schools, and give scholarships.

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