Sanctions on Iran

Friends and allies, I have a sincere request. The US sanctions are crippling the lives of countless Iranians, and we hear very little about their stories in the mainstream media.

Thus, I will be posting as regularly as possible about how the sanctions affect the civilians inside Iran. I invite you to share with me via direct message any news sources–English or Persian– you come across that demonstrate such inhumane effects. More importantly, if you have friends and family in Iran that have shared with you the real-life struggles that they face because of the sanctions, then I urge you to share their stories. If you are not one to divulge such information publicly then I completely understand. In that case, please get in touch with me, and I will relay the information on your behalf anonymously (a real-life sample to follow). People in the US and the English-speaking world must gain insight into such needless hardship.

As for the readers of such forthcoming posts, I hope you trust me the credibility of such stories. As a historian, I will be sure to seek the truth objectively and accurately.

As I begin to gather first-hand stories, here you’ll find a decent one-minute sample of a news source giving a small window into such hardships.

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