Saudis warned of backing women drivers online

Excerpts: “Saudi officials have warned online activists from backing protests planned by women challenging the male-only driving rules in the kingdom. Friday’s edition of the pan-Arab newspaper Al-Hayat quoted Saudi Interior Ministry spokesman Turki al-Faisal as saying cyber-laws banning political dissent could apply to anyone supporting the women driving campaign. Conviction can bring up to five-year prison sentences.”

How is it that our government guarantees the security of such an archaic dictatorship? The Saudi government claims that women are not allowed to drive because it wants to safeguard Saudi traditions. What are these traditions? There were no paved roads in Saudi Arabia until the 20th century. Thus, there were also no Saudi men driving cars until the 20th century. If they really want to safeguard “traditions” then cars, pavements, men driving cars on pavements, and so much more would not be allowed. What a silly and selective approach to “tradition.” I suppose the Saudi king, the supposed paragon of “tradition” does not use cars and airplanes and still travels in camel caravans, lol.  According to Islamic tradition set forth by the Prophet Muhammad, the entire institution of the monarchy is in violation of “tradition.” I mean, I can go on and on.

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