Site: “Wtf has Sarah Palin done so far?”

This is actually pretty funny. Here’s the link to the site. The good thing about it is that all the quotes/jokes are sourced. By the way, I hope she runs and clinches the Republican nomination for president in 2012 because not a single independent will vote for her! She’ll torpedo the GOP’s shot and winning the presidency just as she did in 2008! For those who are hoping to defeat the democrats in 2012, you’d have a better shot at doing so by campaigning against her winning the republican candidacy in the primaries.

Here are a few that stand out:

“Is qualified to be an astronaut because she saw the moon from her porch.” – my favorite

“Wanted to relate to the common-folk hockey moms everywhere by going on a $150,000 shopping spree at Saks 5th, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s.”

“Admitted she tried marijuana several years ago, but she did not like it. She said it distorted her perceptions, impaired her thinking, and she’s hoping that the effects will eventually wear off.”

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