Stop sensationalizing…

I respect Reza Aslan as a scholar, I really do, but predictions are for amateurs. Anyone who is predicting what may come is simply talking for the sake of talking. There is absolutely no way to predict what’s in store and there’s no point in playing the “If this happens, then that” game because it’s an endless, well, game.

For instance, two days ago, Reza Aslan wrote: “The Green Movement’s leaders are calling supporters to the streets, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is rallying his side with nuclear brinksmanship—and the clashes expected Thursday for the Islamic Republic’s 31st anniversary could spell civil war.”

When the civil war he prophesized failed to materialize, he attempted damage control today by extending and renewing his prophecy: “If the mullahs and the merchants begin joining forces with the protesters, even as the Revolutionary Guard becomes more entrenched in the political sphere, a civil war may be inescapable.”

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