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The Wikileaks Cables on Israel

The recently revealed wikileaks’ cables are explosive – The Guardian: The cables report a private talk between the then US ambassador, William Monroe, and King Hamad of Bahrain in the king’s palace on 15 February 2005. Monroe reported back to … Continue reading

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Cyberwar erupts over WikiLeaks (video)

See the al-Jazeera video here.

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The Cables that Call for Attacks on Iran: An Alternative Analysis

My recent Tehran Bureau article: With WikiLeaks’ release of over 250,000 confidential diplomatic cables between the US and its allies, politicians and specialists on Iran are falling over themselves to highlight Iran’s regional isolation and the threat posed by its … Continue reading

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WikiLeaks: U.S.-Iran Relations “Now What” Moment?

Huffington Post – Excerpts: It should now be clear that U.S. policy has never been a true engagement policy. By definition, engagement entails a long-term approach that abandons “sticks” and reassures both sides that their respective fears are unfounded. We … Continue reading

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The Latest WikiLeaks Leak: “US urged to tackle Iran”

al-Jazeera: Among the documents in the cache of quarter-million files are striking passages detailing US observations from meetings with foreign leaders regarding Iran. A series of diplomatic cables sent from US diplomats in the Middle East to the US state … Continue reading

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